Sometimes you need to step away from a situation.


Sometimes you need to step away from a situation to see that you’re fighting a battle that doesn’t even need to be fought. Laugh it off and let it go.

We can get so caught up in a situation that being right or winning an argument becomes more important than your relationship with your child. Sometimes it just takes stepping away from an argument to see that it is about something that is petty or unimportant. When we are more focused on the argument we are usually right back being a child ourselves. Then you have two kids arguing rather than a parent and a child.

Step back from the situation, say “You know I think we need to come back and discuss this later on when we’re both feeling better, let’s talk about it later okay?” That teaches your child to step away from an argument until they have a clear head and it gives you time to figure out what is important in the situation. What are you trying to achieve? Are you teaching your child something, is your child teaching you something? What will you accomplish?

The relationship you have with your child is the most important thing. Think about that when you decide what to say and how to react in an argument. Is the argument worth it? What will come of it? If your relationship with your child is still strong at the end of it, if you have come to a mutually agreed upon conclusion, if you have respected both sides of the conversation then everyone leaves the discussion with their self esteem in tact. A child with high self esteem is a child that will build a life for themselves that is successful and powerful.

Do yourself a favour, when a “discussion” get “heated” with your child, step back from it. Make sure you are being the adult and take a look at the situation from a distance. When you’re clear, go back and go at it from a clean and clear way. Look at how it really needs to be handled that is empowering to both you and your child and life will be good.